Payment gateway

In order to trade online you need an internet payment gateway. The PayVector payment gateway connects your website or business application to the banking infrastructure. The pricing structure for our payment gateway is competitive and simple with no hidden extras.

£20 per month or £200 per year (12 month contract) includes 350 transactions per month (10p per transaction thereafter)

At PayVector we believe in keeping things simple for you and unlike other payment processors we don't charge extra for features like tokenisation, scheduled transactions or PayByLink.

All features included in the monthly fee:

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Online payments

100% secure payments for e-Commerce transactions with built in fraud protection.


Allows you to invoice clients directly by email using a unique and secure link.

Fraud screening

Address verification (AVS), security code (CV2), IP address checking and 3D-Secure.

Multiple merchant accounts

Our payment gateway can support all merchant accounts for your business within one simple platform at no extra cost.

Fully fault tolerent

With geographically dispersed data centres and a live-live back up system meaning no single point of failure. We have delivered 100% uptime since inception.

Telephone payments

Allows you to take card payments over the phone using a virtual terminal.


Stores card details for returning customers, reducing your drop out rates.

Scheduled transactions

Scheduled and recurring transactions can be set up easily using the Merchant Management System

Real time reporting

Powerful real time reporting is easy and comprehensive using the Merchant Management System.

Unlimited users

You can add as many users as you need to the payment gateway platform at no extra cost.


Why choose PayVector?

Our payment gateway is simple to use, completely dependable and is scalable, however big your business grows.

The payment gateway, combined with the merchant management system (MMS) is a full suite of tools that will allow you to receive and make payments. To use a payment gateway service, you will need to have a merchant account. If you do not have a merchant account and would like PayVector to help you acquire one, please go to the merchant account service page.

For more information on our payment gateway offering including pricing and features follow this link.

If you do a larger number of transactions or volume we can provide a custom quote and pricing to suite your needs. Please email us for a custom quote.