Types of merchant account

The type of merchant account you will need will depend on how you trade. If you have both a physical shop and an online shop, you will need two types of merchant accounts, each carrying different fee structures. The fees vary for different account types due to the associated risks involved with particular types of transactions.

Read more on setting up a merchant account here.

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An e-Commerce or Internet merchant account is needed if you take transactions through a website or other similar electronic means. 


A Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) or Cardholder-Not-Present (CNP) merchant account is needed if orders are taken via telephone or mail order. 

Card present

 A Card Present merchant account is required if sales occur face-to-face using a point of sale terminal. PayVector will soon be offering a point of sale terminal for mobile devices.

Why use PayVector?

A key benefit of using PayVector merchant accounts for both your traditional high street business but also your online business is that all the accounts will be going through our central gateway.

The transactions processed by all your sales channels can be viewed in real time. All data is immediately available to be imported into your accounting systems. This gives you an unprecedented ability to monitor the income from all your sales channels.