Key Features

The system is now being used by thousands of merchants in the UK and the EU. Our clients range from banks, other payment companies, ISOs, and merchants of all sizes.

The Gateway

  • No Single Point of Failure - no hardware or software failure will impact your ability to transact

  • Live-Live mode at all times - if your technology can't speak to the primary location, you will instantly be sent to a secondary one

  • Geographically Dispersed Datacentres to minimise the likelihood of an outage that will impact your ability to transact

  • 100% Uptime since inception in 2007


  • Direct API Integration - customers never leave Merchant environment

  • Transparent Redirect - customers get the experience of direct integration, without card details ever touching Merchant website

  • Hosted Payment Form - branded payment page, hosted by PayVector

  • PayByLink - merchants can integrate single payment forms or PayNow button


  • Full user-management system

  • Fraud prevention management

  • Multiple merchant accounts on a single gateway account

  • Virtual terminal for Mail Order Telephone Order transactions

  • Transaction history and reporting

  • PayByLink for e-Invoices and PayNow functions

  • Automated repeat billing