How It Works

The card payment processing industry is continually evolving and is vastly different from region to region, country to country, and even within local sector. From a technological perspective, this presents a multitude of design challenges that PayVector has been able to overcome.

PayVector's white label payment gateway platform is scalable to any size and need, deployable in any number of configurations, upgrades itself, monitors and heals itself and is expandable to any country.

White Labelling PayVector’s Gateway Platform

PayVector's white label payment gateway can be deployed in a number of configurations. 

The standard deployment sees PayVector setting up a URL for you that is owned by your Company but configured to work on our infrastructure. The platform is fully branded to your Company’s specifications. 

All interactions your Merchants have with the system, although managed by PayVector, are seen as coming from your Company. 

You own all your own Merchant contracts and control the fees that you charge them.

The Payment Gateway

The Payment Gateway is the heart of the service. Written in a combination of technologies, it controls the flow of all transactional messages through the platform.

Each type of transaction has a specific XML message associated with it. This means that you can embed within your existing technology any element of the platform. This simple yet powerful feature set means that you can use as much or as little of the provided functionality as you see fit.

Technological Overview

PayVector’s platform is broken down into 2 main parts:

  • Payment Gateway

  • Merchant Management System (MMS)

The Merchant Management System (MMS)

The MMS is the key tool that you will use to manage your Merchants, and your Merchants will use to manage their own affairs. The MMS has been designed to function as a desktop application but from within a browser. Therefore users can complete tasks faster as whole pages don’t have to reload every time they carry out an action. 

The MMS is continually evolving. As a White Label User of the PayVector platform, your platform will automatically be updated with new features as they are rolled out. New offerings will also be made available to your clients by default. You do however retain complete control as to what services you wish to offer your client base.

The unique feature of the MMS is that it is completely separated from the payment gateway. It can be deployed as a standalone service if need be.