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PayVector-Credorax Partnership

May 18 2015

Great news! PayVector has now become an official partner of Credorax merchant services!

Credorax is an acquirer that specifically focuses on supporting merchants in the e-commerce and m-commerce arenas, which means their approach to supporting your business is far more modern and cost-effective than most other merchant account providers in the UK and Europe.

The application process is completely paperless! The online sign up uses next generation efficiency with a digital process that requires minimal work from you. Whether you’re signing up for your first merchant account or thinking about switching providers, the PayVector-Credorax solution is guaranteed to be the least hassle and most cost-effective payment processing solution for your business.

Credorax is licensed in all EU member states and, like PayVector, is fully PCI DSS compliant.

PayVector-Credorax merchants will receive the best in online security and safety, ensuring optimal business growth and minimal losses. With PayVector’s quality customer care and Credorax’s end-to-end NextGen acquiring and onboarding systems, your merchant account and payment gateway will be set up with maximum speed and efficiency!