Developer Area

PayVector has developed the following documents to support merchants and its partners with building integrations with PayVector's gateway.

From an integration viewpoint, there is a choice of either a fully customisable hosted payment form, a direct API integration, or transparent redirect. All of these options retain the merchant's branding throughout the transaction process.

We are continuously developing our partnerships and we would be happy to add your business to our website and to promote your products and services to our merchants and prospects.

Cart Plugins

PayVector integrates with a number of off-the-shelf shopping carts. You can access our Shopping Cart plugins here

Payment Gateway Integration Documentation

PayVector has pre-written integration code packs with the bulk of the integration work completed. That means that you can easily integrate PayVector in your customers' websites. It is strongly recommended that you use these as your starting point for integration. 

PayVector's integration documents contain all the information that you will need to integrate your website or technology into the PayVector payment gateway. They are best used with the integration code packs above.

To ensure that everything is integrated correctly, please use PayVector's test card details on a test account.

Payment Gateway Integration

PayVector supports merchants with 4 integration methods:

  • Direct API - The customers never leaves the merchant's environment. This integration method usually requires higher level of PCI compliance

  • Transparent Redirect - The secure payment is hosted by PayVector but re-branded to the merchant's branding. The customers get the experience of a Direct API integration, however the customers' card details never touch the merchant's environment.

  • Hosted Payment Form - The merchant's customer is redirected to a secure payment page hosted by PayVector and the customer's card details never touch the merchant's environment.

  • PayByLink - You can easily integrate a PayNow button to your website through PayVector's PayByLink function.

PCI-DSS Level 1

PayVector goes through the highest level of PCI-DSS compliance each year, and holds a PCI DSS Level 1 compliance certificate.

The PCI program was put into place by the card schemes to ensure processing companies like ourselves met the highest standards when it comes to protecting credit card details.