The PayByLink feature is a versatile tool that generates a unique link to a secure payment page.

This link can be emailed directly to the customer or embedded within any website quickly and easily with very basic HTML knowledge. 

Payment Gateway Fees

  • £20 per month / £200 per annum

  • 350 inclusive transactions per month

  • 10p per transaction after free transactions

  • No set up fees

  • Free tokenisation

PayNow button

The PayNow button is a great feature for e-Commerce websites that use individual payment pages for each product. It eliminates the need to use a shopping cart.

A unique link to a secure payment page can be generated and embedded within your website as a Pay Now button for each product.

Donation button

It is similar to the PayNow button, except that the payee can choose the amount they wish to pay, which makes it perfect for charities.

Everything Included

Do you take payment over the phone, via your website and also want to invoice your customers? PayVector's system allows you to do it all, without incurring any extra cost!

Benefits of PayByLink

  • Always process secure transactions and keep merchant account charges to the minimum

  • Say 'Goodbye' to physical terminals and hardware; take payments anywhere where you have Internet access

  • Multiple people can take secure payments at the same time, from different locations, at no extra cost

  • Have all your payment transactions in one simple database

No need for MOTO

Instead of taking card details over the phone, you can email the customer a link to a secure payment page for that transaction. This way you can benefit from lower ECOM rates on your merchant account.