Online Payments

In order to successfully take payments through your website, you need a payment gateway. PayVector is the proven solution for online payments. 

Payment Gateway Fees

  • £20 per month / £200 per annum

  • 350 inclusive transactions per month

  • 10p per transaction after free transactions

  • No set up fees

  • Free tokenisation


PayVector has 4 integration methods

  • Direct API Integration

  • Transparent Redirect

  • Hosted Payment Form

  • PayNow button, using the PayByLink feature

Real Time Reporting

Real time reporting has never been easier. PayVector enables you to monitor your transactions in real time. View, download, print and export your transaction reports through PayVector's Merchant Management System.

Scheduled and Repeat Transactions

You can easily set up scheduled and repeat transactions using PayVector's Merchant Management System (MMS) to maintain your steady cashflow.

Fully Fault Tolerant

PayVector supports merchants with 100% uptime and no single point of failure by having geographically dispersed datacentres and a live-live back up system.

Shopping Cart Platforms

PayVector works together with all mainstream off-the-shelf shopping cart platforms to help you set up your payment processing in a simple way with minimal development work. Visit our Shopping Carts page to see which platforms we currently integrate with.


Fraud Screening

PayVector protects your business from fraudsters by all available security measures. 

Address Verification (AVS) - matching the address that is given at the point of transaction with the address registered with the card issuer

Security Code (CV2) - checking the 3 or 4 digit code on the back of the card with the card issuer's database

IP address checking - checking where the transaction is coming from 

3D-Secure - Checking whether the customer has entered their unique authentication correctly


PayVector's rates also include our PayByLink function which enables you to integrate a PayNow button to your website or to send e-Invoices. 


FREE storage and retrieval of card details for your returning customers. It doesn't cost us anything, so why should you pay? 

Multiple websites

PayVector's payment gateway enables you to have multiple websites under the same gateway account. This means that with PayVector, you don't need to pay for the same service twice!

Unlimited users

You can add as many users as you need to the payment gateway platform, at no extra cost.

Web Development and Design

PayVector partners with web developers and design agencies to help you integrate your payment gateway. Whether you want to build a new website or to enhance your existing online shop, you can contact any of our web developers and design partners for excellence and simplicity. 

Merchant Accounts

In order to take payments online you need to have a merchant account. PayVector connects to a number of acquirers across the UK, Europe and beyond. You can benefit from PayVector's strong acquiring relationships where our Sales Team can assist you with setting up your merchant account or reviewing your current rates. Get a free quote now